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Welcome to the Lumbee History Course, Spring 2010!

This beautiful tribute to a mother and to our people’s history was written by Lora Kay Oxendine Taylor, a Lumbee cultural preservation expert who is currently working on her Master’s in Public Administration. We want to thank Lora Kay and all the individuals who selflessly contributed their time to making this project possible.

She comments on the photograph that serves as our course’s guiding light, the schoolchildren pictured above:

Recently I was speaking with my cousin Danny Bell, and he made comment to me about my mother, his Aunt through his mother my Aunt Mary. Danny says, “your mom is being show cased in a photo on the historic page of the Lumbee.” So as much as one loves their mother; I rushed to the site, and there she was front and center gazing away from the camera wearing a stylish hat of the time. My thought went to “being tradition mom, and not looking directly into the camera.” Danny said, “what do you think she was thinking when this photo was taken,” as we laughed with each other I said, “there is no telling.” I was in Pates Pharmacy to my memory right now of the store name, and the pharmacist ask me, “who are you, and who are your people?” You know the traditional question we are asked for verification. The individual reached behind the counter, and said, “here look this is your mother,” and he handed me a copy of the same picture used for the historic Lumbee page–gee this was over twenty years ago and still I have that copy. So here I am proud to say that is my mom, while I choke up, and tears swell in the eyes–that is my mom! When I look at the photo it is like reaching in and touching her soul all over again as she comes to life to me in this photo. Words can never ever express how much she is missed, I told her in her last days, “I am who I am because of you, and thanked her.” She passed on several days later. The picture is a good thing to see. Lora Kay (aka LK)

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