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I visited the Guilford Native American Art Gallery, located in a large brick building in downtown Greensboro, to make up for a missed field trip. The large building threw me off; it ended up being the entire city’s community arts center. The actual Indian Gallery was not as big as I was picturing; just a single room with various displays. The gallery promotes and exhibits the very best and beautiful traditional and contemporary Indian art. It also has authentic Native art, jewelry, pottery, baskets, and music for sale.

 The current exhibition was from the 18th annual North Carolina American Indian Juried Art Exhibition. My favorite exhibition was “One Score and Fifteen” by Lumbee James Malcolm. His exhibit features “Pinecone Patchwork Art” in a modern design, although this design is deeply rooted in the Lumbee culture, dating back to the 1800s. Lumbee heritage was very well represented in the gallery.

The Gallery really is a great tribute to the Indians of North Carolina and is a special achievement of Native people who worked very hard to make it happen. Because this is the first Native American Fine Art Gallery of its kind in North Carolina, it was very interesting to be able to go to it.

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