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I visited the North Carolina Museum of History on May 1st, 2010.  The Community and Culture: North Carolina Indians Past and Present exhibit featured on the third floor featured tribes from all over North Carolina. The exhibit concerned how tribes maintain their culture. It was interesting to see how various tribes are preserving their culture in artistic forms such as pottery. In addition, there was also a video showing the Cherokee sport, stick ball.

However, as the largest tribe in the state, there was very little information on the Lumbees. In particular, I remember that they were featured on a map of the state tribes and there was a picture of a house in the Lumbee community. Some may argue that the Lumbee have very little or no culture to preserve, but I beg to differ. For example, we have the Lumbee patch work which serves as a reminder that Lumbees are a people of the pines. The pre-Civil War turpentine industry in Robeson County provided a lively hood for Lumbees. In addition, the swampy wooded land (with many pine trees) has been said to be a contributor to the isolation of the Lumbee’s ancestors that allowed them to survive during colonial times.

Nevertheless, I as an American Indian of the Lumbee tribe, I think that it is wonderful that the North Carolina Museum of History features an exhibit on the Indians in North Carolina. The exhibit lets people of the state know that  American Indians are still here and we are distinct within our tribal communities.

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  2. Ashfort

    Ashamed relative wrote:
    Ok first things first, my father was a “Lumbee” (I don’t believe in that name), his parents left Robeson County before he was born and he, his three brothers and me and all my cousins are absolutely disgusted with the conduct of our kin in North Carolina. The name “Lumbee” is not even a real tribal designation, it was made up by some people from the group in 1950 ,just so they would have something to call themselves. I can understand why the “Lumbees” are so confused about their heritage because they’ve been taught they are Indian all their lives. My grandmother, a “Lumbee” born and raised in Robeson County, has admitted to me that ever since she left home all those years ago she has come to the conclusion, after meeting genuine Native Americans, such as the Navajo, that the “Lumbees” are about the farthest thing from real Indigenous people that one will come across. She has also remarked on how she has realized that the family probably is mostly African American, something she doesn’t like to talk about but has confirmed. I really wish our relatives in Robeson County would just give up this quest to become real Indians and just accept who they are, TRI-RACIAL people. No one is going to deny that “Lumbees” are at least partially Indian but that amount of blood is incredibly small in comparison with the White and African blood in them which comprises over 96% of their DNA, and scientific tests fully back me up on this. I wouldn’t at all object to them identifying somewhat with their Native heritage but to deny the other two, much larger, components of their heritage is false. Furthermore, the powwows and events the Lumbees hold trying to imitate real Indians are pathetic and for them to claim to be real Indians based on these practices verges on the farcical. The Lumbee always overstate their indian ancestry even though DNA test on lumbee show no to almost non-existant native American Dna it comes up as southern european and african Dna R1 and E haplogroups which are not Indian american groups .I wish they could just be honest and identify as what they really are, AFRICAN AMERICANS. But sadly I don’t think that day will ever come, thank God though my family was lucky enough to get away from all of it. Good luck “Lumbees” YOUR GONNA NEED IT.
    wow finally somebody with brains in lumpeeland!

  3. Sam

    Well for an explanation of how and when the group formerly known as Croatan began calling themselves Indian was when a senator Politicain Mcmillan after reconstruction 1897 wanted to form a republican voting block to keep and divide newly freed slaves from joining with the mulatto population(black/white mixture) from joining together a forming a large voting block so the Senator implied that the Croatan group must be Indian(based on no evidence it was a political move) and this would put the mulatto apart from the full Black and divide them.well it worked !! most mulattos could avoid some degree of discrimination and put themselves above full black by claiming anything but black blood even if it was not true. So henceforth the myth of the croatan Lumbee indian of robeson/lumberton was born from a false notion and the divide was formed the mulattos asked for seperate schools so they wouldnt have to attend schools with Blacks and they called them croatan indian schools ,they had no indian lannguage or culture ,not because of assimilation as Lumbee will tell you but because they were actually just euro-african mulattos because of racism in the south the croatan group held onto those beliefs even in the face of no evidence in their favor as being Indigenous.Artifacts have been found their dating thousands of years old but they are not connected to Lumbees who came down from virginia as colonist genealogist have traced Lumbee founding familys to colonial virginia freed blacks and whites.and DNA test have turned up negative for Native American Dna among their Lumbee enrolled members.

  4. mmaynor

    Is blood the only thing that makes you Indian, or that makes an Indian tribe? It’s not for the Navajos or other “genuine Indians” (Navajo, by the way, is a “made up” name too–a Spanish corruption of a name that other tribes called the Dene people). Thereafemany factors to the identity of all Indian people, “mixed” or not.

  5. ahsfort

    No blood is not the only thing that makes you an Indian tribe !! but the Lumbees have no culture thats indian and no language thats Indian and all genealogy ,historical records and dna all show the Lumbee to not be a native American tribe only maybe more like a club called Lumbees.They never had a reservation and have never been sure exactly where they come from ,the cheraw tribe was another guess only not evidence.This tribe was made by Political lobbying started back in reconstruction to give mulattos advantages over full blooded african american by senator mcmillans lost Croatan colony theory to form a republican voting block after reconstruction and the Lumbee descendants ran with this bad theory from then forward.Genealogy has traced Lumbee ancestors to Unions between freed black males and white females in Virginia mostly not any native American tribe.

  6. mmaynor

    Have you not read anything on this site? It has been created in a collaborative effort by Lumbees and non-Lumbees who have no agenda but to present a historically-accurate picture of the community. Your agenda, in contrast, seems to be to foster historical inaccuracies. If this site doesn’t address every one of them, it’s because they are really not worth addressing. Forgive us and goelaewhere for what you call history.

  7. BigVic

    Now I have seen the photos of the Croatan/”Eastern Cherokee”/Lumbee/ or whatever they decide to call themselves, they look awfully American Indian to me, form pictures I saw (abt 1890). I have mixed family of many different mixes, this tribe does not look mixed. No, I take that back, a few look white. It shouldn’t matter if they have their own language/culture or not. That happened to a lot of people, world wide, once they came into contact with Europeans. It doesn’t make them any less American Indian or whatever they be. It doesn’t matter if they made their own name or not. That’s the way it happens with every culture on the planet. The Russians decided to be known as Russian. Persians decided to be persians. The Chines royals and followers decided to be Taiwanese. Some groups have multiple names, this neighbor calls them that, that neighbor calls them this, and their enemy calls them something else; and according to the group all/most of the names are correct/acceptable. Not to mention the American government & people have a tendency to butcher words. Just because the Feds don’t recognize the Lumbee doesn’t mean they aren’t a tribe. And bty, a lot of Indians, even groups federally recognized now, were listed as mulatto. They were treated as though they were free persons of color, lumped together with freed slaves, not that were actual blacks.

  8. yuef alaam

    back in the 50s and 60s i attended j. h. hayswood high school, which wa all african americans. there were whittieds, hammonds, roziers, bowdens, etc. all of which were of “lumbee” extract. dark-skinned “lumbees” were not allowed to go to the “indian” school in lumberton. some chose to not to go to chool if they had to attend school with us. of coure, at that time, the couldn’t go to school w whites. yuef salaam

  9. lumnative

    I think regardless of the arguments that idiots tend to bring up over whether or not a particular tribe or nation really Indian is dude & disrespectful…as if we haven’t been through enough, with being killed off through diseases & having to forced on reservations because we were thought to be civilized according to the white mans standards..this is our life to live we were born Lumbee Indian & we are so by birth right..I don’t need anyone telling me that according to the records of the white government that you are this race or that grandparents are both Native American & their parents were forced to put colored as their race at birth because thats what the whites considered them to be what kind of person thinks they have the right to classify a person as a certain race just because its their person opinion..I have done DNA testing Im Waccamaw Siouan & Lumbee..I have 98% Indian blood so for those poorly educated idiots saying we have no native blood & such please be quite & worry about how mixed you blood line is you may be the biggest tri-racial that happen to be pointing the finger!!!

  10. lumnative


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