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BballAdditional Course Information

  • Required visits to Robeson County on March 16 and April 13. During these visits we will meet with students in the Lumbee History class at UNC-Pembroke; tour important historic sites in the Lumbee community; visit the special collections department at UNC-Pembroke‚Äôs library; and hear public lectures by William McKee Evans and Professor Lowery. You may arrange your own transportation, or we will be providing transportation for those of you who prefer not to drive.
  • Required attendance at public lectures from Rev. Michael Cummings and Arlinda Locklear, Esq. (dates TBA)
  • Extra credit visits to other state historic sites and museums
  • The outside experts who will comment and make suggestions on your exhibits will represent diverse points of view from the Lumbee and Tuscarora communities. You will likely meet some of them in person on our trips to Pembroke. Details are forthcoming.

Course Policies

  • Regular attendance and completion of all readings and assignments is required; failure to do so will negatively impact your grades on your written and oral work
  • No late assignments will be accepted
  • No incompletes will be given