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Shane Locklear #8

May 7, 2010

This week we read David E. Wilkins Breaking into the Intergovernmental Matrix: The Lumbee tribes efforts to secure federal acknowledgement. In this article Wilkins discusses the concept of being politically recognized by the federal and state government. This recognition is … Continued

Chris Burris #8

April 28, 2010

David E. Wilkins’ article “Breaking Into the Intergovernmental Matrix:  The Lumbee Tribe’s Efforts to Secure Federal Acknowledgement” investigates the Lumbee tribe’s attempts to gain federal recognition and the concurrent federal benefits by examining both the Lumbee’s motivations and the major … Continued

Nirav Lakhani-#1

January 26, 2010

Weekly Reflection #1             In this week’s readings, Stanley Knick’s “Because It Is Right” presents a case for federal recognition by Lumbee people. Knick’s essay cites the long history of Indian settlements in North Carolina and … Continued